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A Vision For More | USJDGC | Kids Disc Golf

       Hi, my name is Matt Grayum. I'm the original founder of Kids Disc Golf. The following is the short version of how Kids Disc Golf and it's origins lead to the first ever United States Junior Disc Golf Championships!     ...

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Disc Golf Instruction Partners with Kids Disc Golf

It just makes sense!Here at Kids Disc Golf we believe kids will have a better opportunity to enjoy the game and a greater likelihood of competing at a higher level when they receive proper training. Disc Golf Instruction (DGI) provides everyone a great opportunity to...

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Upper Park Designs | Premier Level Partner | USJDGC

Upper Park Designs has established themselves as a recognized innovator and producer of quality disc golf bags and will be the the official disc golf bag of the USJDGC.   With their focus on producing only the best products along with their desire to see the...

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Dynamic Discs | Premier Level Partner | USJDGC

Dynamic Discs is an organization that continues to fuel the growth of our sport across all spectrums! They are also demonstrating their desire to grow the junior game by being the presenters of the first ever standalone Junior World Championships.  This...

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Innova Champion Discs | Premier Level Partner | USJDGC

Innova Champion Discs will be supporting the first ever United States Junior Disc Golf Championships as a Premier Partner.  A well-established name with a national presence, a desire to see the growth of competitive junior disc golf, and the...

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Meet The Professionals – DGPT | Kids Disc Golf

At Kids Disc Golf we wanted to provide an experience that would allow junior aged disc golfers to meet the touring professionals in a special environment. We reached out to the Disc Golf Pro Tour, talked it over with some pro disc golfers, decided most people...

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Remember Parker's Chicken Wing?

The story continued! We had originally tried to contact Parker’s dad through YouTube before we shared it to let him know. His dad did not see our initial attempts to contact him and we always thought it would be fun to let him know how popular his sons throw was!...

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Grow The Sport | Kids Disc Golf

Grow the sport!   Or should I say #growthesport?  If you spend any time with avid disc golfers, you know it won’t be long before you hear someone talk about growing the sport.  And why not?  Growing the sport that you get so much enjoyment...

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DUDE Clothing Supports Kids Disc Golf

DUDE Clothing is awesome! First of all, they help disc golfers feel comfortable, athletic, and looking good while playing disc golf! Secondly, they are based out of Australia (who doesn’t love a good Australian accent?!). And thirdly, they have chosen to support Kids...

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Dynamic Discs Title Sponsor | Kids Disc Golf

Dynamic Discs has partnered with Kids Disc Golf by being a title sponsor for three events in the Maine Kids Disc Golf Championship Series! Dynamic Discs has gained a bunch of momentum and is using some of that momentum to support the future. Kids Disc Golf appreciates...

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Innova Champion Discs Title Sponsor | Kids Disc Golf

Innova Champion Discs has gladly taken on the role of title sponsor for five of the eight Kids Disc Golf events this year. Innova Champion Discs will be the title sponsor for each of the events in the Massachusetts Kids Disc Golf Championship Series; including the...

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5 Reasons Your Child Benefits from Playing Disc Golf

1. Gets them away from the electronic devices. Let’s be honest, we use our electronic devices just as much as they do, but we tend to think that our time on them is more justified than theirs. For instance, you’re using your electronic device right now to read an...

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Innova Invites Six Year Old Hunter Grayum on to Junior Team!

In a recent Facebook posting, Innova Discs shared a video which highlighted some of the moments leading up to Innova’s Star Athlete and 4x World Champion, Paul McBeth, calling Hunter and inviting him to play for Innova’s Junior Team. Innova's Junior Team was founded...

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Junior World Tournament – 2018

Kids Disc Golf had a big vision and goal of one day providing or supporting a stand-alone Junior World Tournament. In only its first two years of events KDG saw an increase of junior players participating at its entry level competitions. KDG’s second event ever saw 65...

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