Ep 266 Disc Golf Answer Man

May 22, 2019

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In this episode we answer questions about:

The best way to film your disc golf form.

Is it ok to putt with a speed 4 disc.

Does getting a new disc increase your confidence.

How to adjust from a staggered to a straddle stance when putting.

Tips on how to relax on the disc golf course.

Having a good mental attitude on the disc golf course.

Episode Transcript:

Bobby: All right, guys, let’s hop into the questions. Remember, as always, you can send your questions into discgolfAnswerMan.com and we will get it on the air. I believe we have SpeakPipe figured out so cross your fingers, we’re going to go ahead and whip-out through … Whip out. Whip on through … Whip through.

Robert: I didn’t agree to that.

Bobby: Whip people. We’re going to get through with these Speakpipe.

Eric: Disclaimer.

Bobby: This first one is from Westley.

Questions: What’s up Disc Golf Answer Man crew, I’m a big fan.

Bobby: You’re going to hear it again.

Questions: Westley Wilson from West Memphis, Arkansas here. The guy that came up with the Gyro technology DyeMax

Robert: That was awesome.

Questions: I just wanted to give you guys a little insight on why. So plain and simple, it’s the last thing I see before I putt. 100%, I putt way better if I have a positive emotion going into the putt. When you look down at that Euro Technology Dymax, there is no way you’re mad. There is no way you’re sad. You’re going to look up, in a great mood, focus on that link, and execute the putt. That kind of stems from, I’ve been to Eric Oakley’s clinics, I think about three of his clinics. He always talks about how he puts himself in the right mind frame before the putt by telling himself he can make it, and even sometimes imagining that he’s already made the putt. He’s already cleared it out of the basket, someone has already given him a high five for the good putt. I 100% agree that being in the right mind frame, the right state of mind, being positive, thinking positively and being happy when you putt helps you make putts.

Robert: I agree.

Bobby: So just in case-

Eric: I don’t know what the disc is.

Bobby: You don’t … Yeah, I was going to say, just in case you missed the episode, what had happened was someone was asking about MVP and their gyro technology.

Eric: Oh, I did see that. Okay.

Bobby: I was just reading through it, and saw the word, and I thought gyro, so I said, gyro technology.

Eric: I saw the disc, now that I said that.

Robert: Yeah, so someone made it, Westley made this-

Eric: I’ve done this before. I’ve actually made DyeMax with Ralph.

Robert: Nice.

Eric: Or a disc with Ralph. So if I throw OB and I go to pick up my disk, I can’t be mad. I’m looking at Ralph.

Robert: It’s good.

Bobby: You can’t be mad at Ralph.

Eric: It’s not his fault I suck.

Bobby: So positive mental attitude is definitely part of the game for sure.

Robert: Right. Now I will say next time I play with Oakley, and he makes a good putt, I’m not giving him a high five.

Bobby: Why not?

Robert: Because he already envisioned it. He stole that … I get to choose who I give high fives to.

Bobby: I see. All right. So if he looks at you, you’ll just go, “Hey, remember the high five I gave you-“

Robert: Yeah, when you visualized it.

Eric: Or when he throws his hand up, say, “We already did this.”

Bobby: Yeah, deja vu.

Robert: Deja vu.

Bobby: All right. Westley sent another one, let’s see what he had to say.

Questions: What’s up Disc Golf Answer Man crew, and the DGAM Fam, it’s Westley Wilson again. This time I want to know about form, helping someone with videos. I play quite a bit. My brother and I play more than my dad, and we practice all the time. But he doesn’t do much field work, and he doesn’t record his form. So we convinced him last night to go to the field where we practice, and we recorded his form. I put a drone above him, a camera directly behind him, and a camera, I guess, facing him from the left side of the Tee pad.

Questions: We know what’s wrong, but we don’t know where to start. So his footwork is okay, by itself. But his upper body is all out of whack. His hips engage early, and I guess his arm is lagging behind. He kind of closes his wrist and his bicep to his chest and to his ribcage. He reaches back under his left arm, he reaches back very low and kind of crouched, and he pulls through at his bellybutton, and he rounds just a little bit. The only thing wrong with his footwork would be his X step is still kind of facing directly away from the target. It’s not really perpendicular to the line of play. It’s almost parallel to the line of play. So if you guys could just … Any suggestions you have on where to start helping him with his form, we would love to hear it. Thanks guys, keep it real.

Bobby: What you guys got?

Robert: It’s really hard to tell without seeing the video. I mean, hearing someone describe it and watching it is totally different. Any time we talk about form, yeah, start from the ground up, I think, is the key. Making sure that your footwork is what it’s supposed to be. Like you said, you think that his footwork is pretty good, but he’s having a problem rounding, and even keeping his feet maybe away from the target a little bit too much. So I would say his footwork is probably not that great if that’s the case. You want those feet to be, I mean, perpendicular to the target line for the most part. That’s probably going to help you out with some of the timing issues, because the farther you are turned away, I feel like the more you feel like earlier you have to pull toward the target. So if his shoulder is leading just a little bit too early, it may be that turning those feet perpendicular is going to help out some. But, like I said, hard to know without watching the video. What do you think?

Eric: I would agree with that, yeah.

Robert: Yeah, and it’s awesome that you thought about doing a drone above, we don’t see a whole lot of form shots like that, which is really cool. But I would just be interested if you would share it to the Disc Golf Answer Man page, get some advice there. Then we’d actually be able to see the video and check it out.

Bobby: Absolutely. If you’re watching this for the first time on YouTube, and you’ve never watched before, we answer questions that were sent into the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast, so we answer those for you guys to listen and to record audio. If you have questions that you want to ask in the chat, wait until the end, and we’ll get to those questions toward the end. So next one comes from Dr Willard.

Questions: Hey Disc Golf Answer Man, I have a question about videos. So I want to video my shot, to have it analyzed, and to have someone give me some instruction. The question is, what is the best camera angle? Where do I place the camera in order to get the best view in order to have it analyzed and hopefully improve my game? Can you tell me for both forehand and backhand. Do I do it to the side? So I do it from behind? Or do you need both? Once I record it, where can I send it? I know Danny has a physics of flight, and I think he does look at people’s throws and helps them with that. Lastly, can you just use the standard iPhone video app? Thanks guys.

Bobby: So as far as angles, I think you talked about that, obviously from above is a really good angle. But kind of elaborate on what-

Eric: Kind of seeing your front’s front, right?

Robert: I think the ones that we see the most, and these are the easiest to do, all right, if my chest is facing the front of the Tee pad right now, if I’m just standing on the back not turned sideways, then an angle directly behind the Tee pad, and then an angle facing the side of the Tee pad, on the same side that your arm is going to be on. Those are the ones that we see the most, I think those are the most effective. Having an over the top one would be really cool. I think that would help you to kind of get a better idea of where the disc is interacting with you, kind of as tight as it is to your body or not tight to your body. But if you only have two, and you only have limited resources and time, I would say straight behind and then on the left side, for sure. Then sending in videos, where should they do that?

Eric: There is a couple of different places, but the one that comes to mind is obviously the Disc Golf Answer Man Facebook group. I know there is a lot of people on there that really do know what they’re talking about. We have a lot of our players on there. Robert gets on there occasionally, and of course, Danny, who is probably one of the best at analyzing everybody’s form.

Robert: Critiquing. Yep.

Eric: Giving you some critiques on what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong, and what to work on. So that’d be my suggestion to you.

Bobby: As far as using an iPhone, yes, an iPhone has, if you’ve got … I mean, if iPhone six, seven, eight, maybe even iPhone five, it’s going to be really good video.

Eric: What about two?

Bobby: What?

Eric: What about the two?

Bobby: The two actually probably is not going to be too bad. Obviously, I’m hoping you have something a little bit more up to date on the iPhone side.

Robert: What about the Motorola Razor?

Bobby: No.

Eric: Crazer.

Bobby: Crazer?

Eric: I had a Crazer. I did have a Crazer.

Robert: I always wanted a Razor.

Bobby: Or the Nokia Kickback, I think it was called Kickback. That was the one that popped open with the keyboard.

Robert: Yep.

Bobby: So anyway, yes, you’re going to … iPhone is perfectly fine. Another cool thing that I think would be helpful is using the slow motion, the slowmo on an iPhone, that way you can really look at it and break it down. The only thing that I ask you that you do, this is a pet peeve of mine, is that if you’re going to do slowmo, try to … The iPhone allows you to pick when the slowmo is going to kick in. My thing is when people post a video of slowmo, and the entire thing is slowmo, so you get the slow motion of them walking up to the Tee pad, getting ready, lining up their shot, and then they put it back down, and then they’re ready to go, they take a look at the-

Eric: They talk about the side-

Robert: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say.

Bobby: They talk about the-

Robert: Hey guys.

Bobby: If you record with an iPhone, and-

Eric: Then they throw real fast.

Bobby: And you go to edit, there is a way to where if you look at the lines, they kind of show you where the slow motion part kicks in. Please, please, mess with that, so not the entire thing is slowmo.

Robert: Yeah, we also have a quick correction. It’s an important one. Sidekick, not kickback.

Bobby: Oh, was it sidekick?

Robert: Yeah.

Bobby: That’s why you’re awesome, Jonathan.

Robert: Jonathan Van Dearson.

Eric: That’s why.

Bobby: That’s why he’s so awesome. He’s awesome, because he knew the name of the Nokia. Next one comes from Lee Howard.

Eric: What’s up Lee?

Questions: Hey guys. So I caught the opening credits of some show, I think it was Manifest. There is an actor on the show named Malachi, so you should look that up. So disc golf question.

Robert: Dude, I wanted that to be the whole question.

Questions: After about four years of playing disc golf, finally, I’ve got a putting style that is becoming more consistent, and I feel good about. I’m trying to get better at it. It’s kind of a staggered stance, sort of splish putt kind of thing. Whenever I have to switch to a straddle putt, you know, because I’m behind a tree, or a bush, or whatever, I find it really difficult to make that adjustment. You know, even shorter putts, I feel like I can’t even get … You know, like it flops out, can’t get to the basket. I feel awkward, because I can’t shift my weight the same way, especially when I can’t lift up my left leg.

Questions: It happens to be behind the lie or whatever. So I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to make that adjustment going from a staggered stance to a straddle putt, if you have any tips on improving that part of my putting. I guess I need it to be consistent on both. It’s kind of like, it’s good to have a good forehand and a good backhand. It probably helps to have a good straddle putt and my regular putting style. So thanks guys. Malachi.

Eric: Yeah, take the next four years and work on that. It is kind of … It’s just with anything. It took you this long to really be comfortable putting, finding your putting stance, and you’re confident with that. The reason for that is because of probably how much time you’ve invested in that. So if you just go out to the practice field, you’re comfortable now with putting. I’m not saying in general just give up, you know, practice putting.

Eric: But start putting more straddle putts. Go to a spot on the course where there is trees that you can actually straddle around and work on that putt for a while. It’s just like with your normal putt now, it’ll come natural at some point. It’s just a matter of putting in that time. There is not like anything I can say that’s … Just do this, and all those straddle putts are going to seem just as easy as your normal putt. That’s not the case. For almost everybody that doesn’t straddle putt, straddle putts are difficult.

Robert: Yeah.

Eric: It’s just a matter of putting in that time and effort to really work on that side of the game.

Robert: Totally. I struggle with straddle putts. Especially if I’m starting before a tournament. While I practice putting, I’m 100% going to throw at least a few straddle putts, because if I don’t, and I have done this, actually, recently, I just forgot. I got to my first straddle putt of the round, and it feels so foreign, and awkward. I always miss it to the right, to the point where I will aim to the left of the basket, doesn’t matter, always missing right. It’s very annoying.

Robert: So yeah. Repetition is a huge thing. I would also said, like he said he’s having trouble getting it to the basket. Your weight transfer on straddle putt is less back to front as it is up and down. Right? So you might focus on bending your knees a little bit more, and kind of popping up and having your arm be in time with that, instead of trying to swing backwards and forwards, because that’s never going to work with your feet next to one another. So work on bending your knees a little bit more, and just kind of popping up with it. I think that might help.

Bobby: All right, next one comes from Zach. He says, “Hey Disc Golf Answer Man crew, I’m a wreck playing working on improving. Even though I can jump putt 550 feet, I know I have a lot to learn.”

Eric: Excuse me?

Robert: It sounds like internet distance.

Bobby: “The courses I play regularly are tick under champion level. I enjoy playing them from a long Tee, but as a wreck player, I will compete from the shorter tees. Obviously, a couple of weeks before a tournament, I will play from the wreck tees. But to improve, should I be playing for the wreck tees all of the time? Thanks, and don’t bother keeping it real. Or do.”

Robert: We don’t have to bother, it’s just a part of life. I don’t know, what do you think about that?

Eric: I have no idea. I’m still stuck on the 550 jump putts. I didn’t even hear the rest of the question.

Bobby: So if a tournament, he’s going to play in the wreck division, and he’ll play the shorter tees, he’s going to practice from the shorter tees. But should he always pretty much practice from the wreck tees if that’s the division he’s going to play?

Eric: I’d mix it up. I mean, granted, if you have an event coming up, I’d spend at least a week and a half leading up to it playing the tees that you’re going to be playing for the event. But, otherwise, yeah, I’d say mix it up a little bit. Play from … Especially if you have that option, be happy that you do have that option, because there is a lot of towns that only have one tee, one pin position, and that’s it. Those people are almost … I don’t want to say pigeonholed, but in a way, you know, really dial in that one course, and they travel out of town, and it’s very difficult, because there is not variety. So if you’ve got the option, I would say, yeah, absolutely. But leading up to the event, I would play the tees that you’re planning on playing.

Robert: 100% agree. Across the board.

Eric: Send me a video of that 520, whatever, foot jump putt, please. That’d be sick.

Robert: I’m very interested. Is this off the top of a cliff? If so, I understand.

Bobby: All right, Hector has a rules question. “Why do all AM divisions have a rating cap except AM age protected division?” I’m putting in his frustration. “I have seen many 950 plus rated players who in any other division would be required to play up in an advanced group.” So why is that?

Eric: PDGA.com. Contact us.

Robert: I guess I don’t know why they do that. I think there is … There comes a point where they just say that age is the cap on the thing.

Bobby: That’s age-ism.

Robert: That is.

Eric: It is.

Robert: That is age-ism.

Eric: But it is also true.

Robert: So that’s the answer.

Bobby: Age-ism?

Robert: No, no. It’s just that-

Eric: Age-ism.

Robert: Yeah. Don’t sue us for that, please.

Eric: Age-ist.

Robert: No, I mean, I think, yeah, there are ratings caps because there are so many, I think, more players under that kind of 40 year old cut than there are above that, at least who attend tournaments regularly. It seems like those fields are generally smaller. I would say yeah, they’re just using that age as a cutoff. At that point, you’re just kind of a pro or an amateur. That’s how it is. I’m not saying that it’s the best way to do it, but that is the way they do it.

Eric: That is the way it’s done.

Robert: There it is.

Eric: There it is. Next one is from Zack.

Questions: Hey Disc Golf Answer Man crew. Hope you guys are having a good day. This is Zack from North Carolina. I just have a couple of questions for you. My first question is regarding tournament performance. Last season, I started playing my first tournaments, although I’ve been a casual player for a number of years. But this last year was my first official PDGA tournaments. After a couple of tournaments, I came in at a rating in the 890s, which I was pleased with. But I did a lot of practicing in the off season. I was looking forward to getting over that 900 barrier. I’m two tournaments in so far this year, and I’ve shot at or below my rating pretty consistently. So I’m feeling pretty disappointed. I was wondering if you guys had any tricks to deal with this sort of situation. I know everyone but Robert has probably experienced a disappointing tournament. So yeah, I was just curious-

Robert: All mine have been great.

Questions: What you guys have to deal with these sort of things, get back on the horse. My next question is regarding the new vandal.

Bobby: Oh.

Eric: Can I stop it?

Bobby: Yeah.

Questions: I have a trilogy challenge coming up here-

Bobby: Easy Zach, geez. Anyway, so go ahead.

Robert: Yeah, how do you recover from a bad tournament.

Bobby: You just hang it up.

Robert: Thank you, yep, you say I quit. Until you don’t quit, and you’re back at it. No, I mean-

Eric: Is that kind of like smoking?

Robert: Yeah. I think so. Yes. I’m done drinking Dr Pepper, until the next time I drink Dr Pepper. No, I mean, he’s joking around that … Everybody has bad tournaments that they have to recover from. For me, I try to do my best to be honest with myself about why I struggled at that tournament. Was I making bad decisions? Was I out of practice, so my muscle memory is bad? Did I not commit to the shots I needed to throw? What was it? From there, I just try to work on those things. Almost all the time for me, when I’m playing poorly, it’s not bad muscle memory, it’s not … It’s usually just, yeah, confidence.

Eric: It’s always confidence.

Robert: Yeah, just following through and committing to the shot that you want to. I can think back to the times that I’ve played best is times where I just felt like I knew what I wanted to do, I walked up to the tee, and I executed it. If I messed up, I didn’t feel an emotion about messing up. I didn’t say, like, “Oh, that’s a terrible shot.” I’ll just think to myself, “Oh, a little bit low. Adjust that for next time.” Like, the less you feel about your bad shots, the better it is, because it’s passed. There is nothing you can do. Spit outs are notorious for getting a lot of players, and they’ve gotten me a lot of times before, when I’ll be on birdie streak, hit dead in the center, and it comes back out. That’s frustrating, because in that situation, rarely is there something that you could do differently to keep that putt in the basket.

Eric: It makes the next putt really hard.

Robert: Yeah. You just got unlucky. But the less emotion that you can feel about that, and the more that you can just focus on the next shot is really the best thing to do. So I take a kind of mental inventory of what I did incorrectly, what I need to change. Then I just go to work on those things.

Eric: Same. I mean, reflect on the event. When the event is over, no matter what, if I played good or bad, I’ll reflect on the event and kind of see where I struggled, or what I did well, and really put focus on that in the field the following week.

Robert: 100%. Yeah. If I putted poorly, I’m going to go to the practice basket. But, the thing with putting, and honestly, most of disc golf is like, if you’re not confident, you’re not going to play well. There it is. If I don’t think I’m going to make a putt, I’m almost never going to make that putt. Maybe I get lucky and make it.

Bobby: If I play poorly, I just wait for three or four weeks before I paly another tournament.

Robert: Yeah, you hang it up until you didn’t hang it up again.

Bobby: If I play at all, I typically wait about three or four weeks-

Eric: When was the last tournament?

Robert: Respect.

Bobby: Yeah. I’m always playing … So I just have to just wait until the next time. All right, next question-

Eric: Although you played really well at …

Bobby: I did.

Robert: Oh, Hops Anhyzers-

Eric: Hops Anhyzers last week.

Bobby: I shot 60. I was Cali, I was Cali, which meant I’ve got …

Eric: One extra throw? Or did you get two-

Robert: I think it’s two per hole.

Bobby: Two per hole. I didn’t realize that’s what it was. I thought I had to throw two off the tee-

Eric: Oh, you threw two tee shots, two upshots, two putts?

Bobby: No. I got to have a second throw twice. It can be off the tee, it can be my upshot, or it could be my putt. So long as it was only two extra throws.

Eric: So could you have thrown two putts? Or three putts, I guess, technically.

Bobby: I could have three putts, yes. The most times I used it was my upshots. I used them on a few drives. But a lot of the upshots, I improved upon.

Robert: Yeah.

Bobby: But yeah, I shot a 60. I have never shot in the 60s. I don’t think … Maybe 68. Maybe 69.

Robert: Right. Last time we went out there, I remember you were around a 73, 74.

Bobby: Right.

Robert: Singles, obviously.

Bobby: I had to admit, though, I had some good throws. Someone said, “Maybe it’s cause you were Cali, because you knew you had that other shot. Maybe you went for it a little bit more.”

Robert: Yeah, take some of the stress off of it, too.

Bobby: That’s interesting, because people talk about the mental side of … Knowing I had another shot, did it relax me a little bit?

Robert: I’m telling you, we were talking about this the other day, and this is a bit of a sidetrack, but I promise I’ll come back to it. So we were at King of the Canyons, that unsanctioned event I went to. Tied for the win. I decided with Dan and Kyle that we were going to split the money for first through third. All we were playing for was the title. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want to win. Like, I always want to win. But at that point, money wise, I had won all I was going to win in that situation. Right?

Robert: My shot on one, like, our first play off hole, I’ve never thrown a more free feeling shot, because there is no weight on my shoulders. Like, if I win, that’s awesome. I get the trophy, I get the big check. But it says the same as my check, regardless. But having that weight lifted, it’s like, wow, I can just throw. It’s like going out to a casual round and just enjoying yourself. So I do think there is something to mentally allowing yourself to be free, to make a free, confident stroke, instead of thinking so much, “Oh, I have to execute this.” Because when I do that, personally, I tighten up, and usually I miss left. You can tell if I’m not feeling good on a shot, it’ll come out with a lot more hyzer than I intended. That’s different for different people. But I’ll notice, when I’m playing more free, I’m hitting lines a lot easier. It’s easier for me to throw flat, because yeah, my body is allowing me to do that.

Eric: It’s true.

Bobby: Did you say you were going to bring it back? I’m teasing.

Robert: Jerk. He had a second part of the question.

Bobby: Oh, yeah, sorry. Hold on one second.

Questions: Here at a local course in June, and I’m excited about trying out the disc, but particularly the Vandal. I love my Escapes, I’ve bagged several Escapes. I really like my worked in Biofusion one, so I’m wondering, is the Vandal going to slide in below the Escape in stability, or a little bit more stable than the Escape? I’ve kind of heard it both ways. Maybe you guys can give me a straight answer on that. Thanks, have a great day.

Bobby: That’s perfect segue into our trilogy challenge talks. So what’s your answer to his questions as far as comparing the Escape and the Vandal?

Eric: It’s going to be a touch less stable, right?

Robert: These ones definitely are.

Eric: For me. For me, it’s been a touch less stable, the ones that I was throwing during Is This Disc Right for You. Pretty similar as far as feel goes, I’d say, with the Escape. But I don’t know, I think you’re going to get similar distance out of it, because the Escape is a sneaky, long flying disc. But, the Vandal is definitely going to hold that right line just a touch longer, for me personally. It’s going to be different for everybody, obviously. But for me personally, it definitely holds the right line longer. I have to put more hyzer on it to get any type of flight out of it.

Robert: Definitely. These are a little bit less stable than the protos that we got. The protos are probably a little bit more like an Escape. But I think these are a good compliment, because like you said, I think they are a little bit more under stable.

Bobby: Now you said, because you normally throw on a hyzer, don’t you, Eric?

Eric: Mm-hmm (affirmative). I release pretty much everything with hyzer.

Bobby: Would you say these are even more exaggerated of a hyzer?

Eric: Yes, absolutely.

Bobby: Yeah. Because you actually threw some on the roller. I don’t know, did you mention that, that you threw it on a roller? So yeah, we’re going to talk a little bit real quick, because actually, the next question on our forum is, “This year’s Trilogy Challenge seems a little different in that the Gatekeeper and Keystone are being released outside of the challenge as well. Do you think there will always be three ‘beginner friendly discs introduced every year? Will the challenge morph into exclusive plastics of old molds or not always be beginner level discs?”

Eric: Yes.

Bobby: Yeah. Exactly. Yes. We’ve done the Trilogy Challenge for about six years. I think we established that yesterday.

Eric: This is the sixth.

Bobby: This is the sixth year? Okay, so this will be the sixth year. Each year, I mean, some years we had beginner friendly, some year we had a couple that weren’t quite beginner friendly. It’s almost as if we had a set form for them, maybe at first, but then we’ve kind of changed it. As Even said, morphed it a bit, to try out a few different things. So this year, yes, the discs are not, as far as the mold is not exclusive to Trilogy Challenge, but the plastic is.

Eric: The plastic type is.

Bobby: So like the Vandal was TFR for a while, right?

Eric: No.

Bobby: No?

Eric: The Vandal is new.

Robert: The Vandal is brand new for the Trilogy Challenge.

Eric: The Vandal has not been released with anything. It’s the Gatekeeper and the Keystone.

Bobby: Oh, okay. So the Gatekeeper is out in the-

Eric: VIP.

Bobby: VIP. But you can only get them tournament plastic in the Trilogy Challenge. The Keystone was part of the-

Eric: Blend. Medium. It was medium, part of Match play.

Bobby: Part of match play. Now this one si a retro, and of course, you can’t get the retro unless you play Trilogy Challenge. So yeah, so a little bit different this year. Will we do that similar next year? I don’t know.

Eric: It’s hard to come out with a brand new disc just for this every year.

Bobby: Right. So we’re going to kind of play it by ear. Now as far as are these beginner friendly? I would say the Gatekeeper is somewhat beginner friendly.

Eric: I think they’re all beginner friendly this year.

Bobby: Yeah?

Eric: I would say so.

Robert: There you go.

Eric: I would say so.

Bobby: What year was one though, that people were like, “This is not …” Was it the Sampo?

Robert: It’s not beginner friendly, that’s correct.

Bobby: Yeah.

Eric: The Sampo wasn’t?

Robert: No. It’s quite a bit … It’s probably the most over stable Trilogy Challenge disc we’ve put out.

Bobby: I think I remember that was some of the-

Robert: On the driver side.

Bobby: Criticism about that one. Anyways, so yeah. It is a … We do talk about it being as like beginner friendly in the sense that if you haven’t played disc golf very much, it’s good to play. If you haven’t played a tournament, a legit, full on tournament, this is kind of an easy way to feel what the tournament scene is all about.

Eric: Well, they’re beginner friendly, but at the same time, anybody can throw one.

Bobby: Right. We got to make sure that we make these discs so that more people can play. So you guys talked about the Vandal a little bit, let’s talk about the Gatekeeper. This is the mid range, the West Side Disc’s Gatekeeper. I know when I threw it for the Is This Disc Right, it threw fairly straight. Still was a little stable for me, of course, I am the slower arm of everybody in the [inaudible 00:27:43], Kansas.

Robert: [inaudible 00:27:44], Kansas.

Bobby: But if I think I got on it, and I beat it in a little bit, it would go really nice and straight. I know that it was mentioned that it’s not a fast disc.

Robert: Not a fast mid range, that’s true.

Bobby: Not a fast mid range. But tell us a little bit more about these discs, guys, the Gatekeeper.

Eric: For me, when I threw it, granted … In the Trilogy, or the Is This Disc Right for You, the ones that we threw were relatively light.

Bobby: Yes, very light.

Eric: This is a 164. I threw, like I did with hyzer, and it did flatten to flat.

Bobby: Flatten to flat.

Eric: Flatten to flat, and flew really just straight. I did notice it was quite a bit slower then the mids I’m used to, the Emac, definitely, is a little bit faster. Definitely had a little more fade at the end of the flight, which is what I prefer in my mids. But, that said, there is always a reason to have a on a rope, dead straight mid range in the bag. It’s always good to have something like that.

Robert: Totally. If this is your cup of tea, man, this is a great one.

Eric: I think it’s a great compliment to the Warship as well. Like-

Robert: Yeah.

Eric: Kind of have both of those in the hand. They both kind of have the similar feel to it, which for me, I like the rounded edges a little bit more. So this has got a little bit … Someone was saying shallow, but it’s a little deeper than I’m used to, I think.

Robert: Yeah.

Eric: As far as mids go. But, it does fly pretty good.

Robert: Yeah, I mean, they’re just very, very straight. Like you said, having a disc you can rely on to do that, that’s awesome.

Bobby: All right, then for the putter, we have the Latitude 64, retro Keystone. This is a beadless putter. For me, when I was throwing it and putting with it, it was very similar to the Deputy, which is what I do use for my putting. I don’t choose the Deputy because … I never chose a putter because-

Eric: It chose you?

Bobby: Yeah. It chose me. Because it had a bead or not. I know a lot of people are very particular about the bead. But for some reason that wasn’t a factor. But anyway, it’s … Would you say it’s like a beadless Deputy? Not quite? Maybe?

Eric: Yeah, I’d say similar to that.

Robert: Similar to that.

Eric: It’s kind of like a smaller Warden, too, almost.

Robert: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Eric: A little bit different on the very bottom of the rim. Have you thrown it much, Robert?

Robert: I’ve only thrown the protos a few times. So I haven’t thrown these at all. But-

Eric: They fly great. They really do.

Robert: They’re awesome.

Eric: As far as approaches go, another hyzer to flat, as you can see in the video, they were hyzer to flat. They just flew straight. I mean, pretty much, I could aim right at the basket, knowing it’s not going to deviate from that line, which is what I did like about it. In Kansas, though, the wind, it’s going to be a little more challenging for a disc like that. But, that said, I know a lot of players who are throwing them for more of their longer putts, because of how much glide it has, and how just dead straight it is.

Robert: Right.

Eric: Its’ a good disc.

Bobby: So this weekend is the first weekend of Trilogy Challenges. Make sure you go to Trilogychallenge.com and look for the events tab. That way you can see what’s happening. Do we have one in Kansas happening?

Robert: I don’t know.

Bobby: I don’t think we have one. I think I looked it up this weekend.

Eric: Not this weekend.

Bobby: Yeah, I was trying … This weekend is Memorial weekend.

Eric: It is.

Robert: It is.

Eric: It’s also rain weekend.

Bobby: Yes, it’s going to be rain. The first one in Impori, Kansas is on June 1st. That’s dirty Kansas.

Eric: Is the first one in Impori, Kansas. Is that what you said?

Bobby: Yeah, it is. It’s Keith, Newlife. He’s going one the first and the second.

Eric: June 1st?

Robert: That guy, that’s a mean guy. I don’t think I’m going to show up to that. Keith, he’s always one of the nicest guys.

Bobby: I know, he’ll probably beat you.

Robert: He’s so great, man. I love Keith.

Bobby: So right now we have 237 events, 42 countries … Ah, 42 states, and 10 countries.

Eric: 42 countries.

Robert: Nice, that’s awesome. That’s more than I even knew we had.

Bobby: So even though they’ve started, they’ll start this weekend, there is still time to sign up if you want to host one. If there is not one in your area, it is designed for you to host one. Super simple-

Eric: It’s a great way to raise some money, too. What I love about the event, like if you’re trying to raise money for course updates, like baskets, or tee signs, or new tee pads, maybe longer tees, alternate pins. Whatever it is, it’s such an easy way to make a little extra money.

Robert: Or the self preservation fund.

Eric: That is true too. The me fund.

Robert: Yeah, where you get to give the money to yourself.

Eric: The human fund.

Robert: You can do that as well.

Bobby: I’m trying to think of what’s called the human fund. All right, this one is from … Let’s go to questions. Christopher asks, “What is more under stable than the Maverick, but still in the fairway slot?”

Robert: Well, more under stable would be Witness, it’s definitely more under stable. Something that I think is just a bit more under stable that you might like is-

Eric: River?

Robert: Yep, River is in that slot. I would say Fury and Underworld are both in that under stable fairway spot.

Eric: All of those … With the exception of the River, all of those seem to be a touch faster, too, though.

Robert: Than the Maverick?

Eric: Yeah.

Robert: Yeah, I can see that.

Eric: When I would throw the Maverick, it had a nice, low flight to it.

Robert: Yeah, those definitely flip faster. No doubt about that. They may have a wider, I don’t know, I haven’t measured. But yeah, if you’re just looking for something a little bit more under stable than the Maverick, I think either the Fury or Underworld are-

Eric: Fury is a good disc. I used to throw that thing a lot.

Bobby: What about the Hatchet? Is that a speed … That’s a speed seven-ish, isn’t it?

Eric: 19.

Bobby: Speed 19. Yeah.

Robert: I think the Hatchet is a nine-er.

Bobby: Vietnam, Vietnam, 19. Do you remember that song? Sorry, going old school. Next one is from Dustin-

Eric: I like how you look at me when you say stuff about old.

Bobby: I am so sorry.

Robert: Just pure hate right there.

Eric: Hey, it’s true, what can I say?

Bobby: Austin asks, “Hey Disc Golf Answer Man crew, I know you get a lot of questions regarding Trilogy.” Well, we are a company that works for Dynamic Discs. “And the different types of plastics. I have heard about VIP X Warships that West Side puts out. But I always see them on private market for ridiculous money.”

Robert: Yeah, you’re right.

Bobby: “What are the chances that there will be a release online, making these available for regular retail price? I know it’s hard to forecast, just wondering, as I love throwing the Warship as my mid range. Thanks for the replay.”

Eric: Ah, you should try an Emac then.

Bobby: “And as always, thanks for keeping it real.”

Eric: Sorry. I’m keeping it real.

Bobby: So for the VIP X, that was a super, super, special run, correct?

Eric: For Tuney.

Bobby: For Tuney. Tuney. I got Rosco saying Tuney. Anyway, that was a special run. I know the word on the streets is that they don’t make them anymore, right? They’re not going to make the-

Eric: They made one run of those particular ones. I don’t know if there’s plan to make any more. I would say don’t hold your breath, anytime soon, at least. Yeah. Those, when they were released, they were released as a fundraiser for the event. They weren’t ridiculously priced. They were 20 euro a piece.

Robert: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Eric: Which is very reasonable.

Robert: Right. Some people bought several of those.

Eric: I did.

Robert: I also did.

Eric: Well, I bought-

Bobby: Have you sold them yet? All of them?

Robert: Nope, I still have a few.

Bobby: You’re holding onto them.

Eric: I think I have two of each.

Robert: Yep, I think I have three clear ones, and one black smoke one. The smoke one is like just unbelievably pretty.

Eric: Mm-hmm (affirmative). They’re cool.

Bobby: It’s crazy. So Chris asks, now this … Chris, first of all, I love and I thank everyone for sending in question. So I know I can get … If you listen to this, you know I can be kind of a smart alack, right?

Eric: Thought you were going a different way there.

Bobby: Okay. But-

Robert: I also did. A smart a-alack.

Bobby: This is a question that we’re just not going to really know. It’s too specific. I don’t even want to say … I’m going to say it for an example, he wants to know where is the Disc RV going to be at Jonesboro Open. That’s a little too specific for us to know.

Eric: It already happened.

Bobby: Well, he sent it on April 10th. So it would have … That’s another thing. Timely. You can’t send in timely questions, because like right now, we’re sitting at 77 questions that we have already asked, six of them on here. Well, maybe four or five on here, on the thing. Anyway, so I’m not picking on you, I love the questions. But you just got to know, some of the questions, we’re just not going to know the answer.

Robert: And the answer was east of the main parking lot. But I guess we won’t be able to share that now.

Eric: Well, you can share it now.

Bobby: Was it really east of the main parking lot-

Robert: No, I’m making that up. I don’t have any idea.

Eric: There was no parking lot.

Bobby: There was no parking … On you. All right. This one is from no name, mental game. “Hey Disc Golf Answer Man, tips on how to relax on the course. I feel like I’m getting worse. It is entirely mental. I find myself avoiding players … Playing with friends so I don’t worry about my score as much. I’ve been getting discouraged about playing all together. No one wants to play with the frustrated guy. So between poor play and a poor attitude, my desire is fading. Please help.” Don’t be that guy? You control your attitude. If it is to be, it is up to me.

Robert: Hey, that’s a good one.

Bobby: You want to know what that’s from?

Robert: I’ve heard it, I don’t know what it’s from.

Bobby: It’s from Genesis at the Health Club.

Robert: Oh yeah, of course.

Eric: Sega.

Bobby: If you went there more … So-

Robert: Dude, I have been going there. Hush.

Bobby: So what would you say to a guy who is like, “Man, I just can’t stay motivated, I can’t be motivated.”

Eric: Just time to take a break.

Robert: When he said he avoids playing with friends because he gets so frustrated, he doesn’t want to be that guy who walks around super frustrated. I don’t know. What do you say?

Eric: I mean, time to step back and have an appreciation for why you started playing in the first place. Which, I would assume, is because it’s fun.

Robert: Yes.

Eric: You enjoy your time out there. Don’t … Try not to make it a … For me, if I go out, and I’m getting frustrated, I need to refocus on what I’m doing. Like, take some time off even, and not play for a few days. Then, appreciate it more. Like, miss it. Like, man, I miss going out and playing. Then go out and play. Don’t set goals for yourself. Just go out and throw the disc. Don’t worry about score, if you hit a tree, who cares. Like, I mean, it’s tough to have that mindset going out and playing, because one, you’re probably much like me, a very competitive person, and you want to win everything that you do.

Robert: Yes.

Eric: So that does make it more of a challenge. But, at the end of the day, if you know it’s an issue, and if you think your friends think it’s an issue, it is an issue.

Robert: I agree. I would say, I’m kind of going through some of the same thing with golf right now. I did, obviously, the same with disc golf when I first started getting a little bit more serious about it. Yeah, it’s really easy to get frustrated when you know what you want the disc to do, and it just doesn’t do it, and you’re pissed. I mean, I get that. The things that help me the most in disc golf were one, like you said, I’m getting to do something that I love. I really love playing disc golf. So even if I’m playing poorly, man, there is a lot of other things I could be doing that are way worse than this. A lot of other things that I would enjoy less than this. So that’s one thing.

Robert: Two, I would try and just focus on some of the beauty of the place that I’m in. Right? So I’m outdoors. We spend most of our time in the office right now. To say, hey, I get to be outside, I get to do something that I enjoy on this beautiful day. Just to kind of keep that sort of gratitude thing going through my head, that helped me a lot. Then the other thing, and this is probably the most annoying of the three.

Robert: But when I would get in such a bad attitude that I could tell people didn’t want to play with me, or that I just didn’t want to play with people, I would force myself to smile, even just a little bit, after every single shot. Even if I threw a bad shot, I would force myself to smile just a little bit. What that does is if you do that long enough, you’re going to convince yourself that you’re happy. It puts you in a better disposition. Like I said, it sounds super cheesy, I promise you the first few times I did it, I was like, this is stupid. I’m not going to do it. But it helps a lot. Even if I’m playing poorly, if I continue to be happy, if I continue to smile and enjoy my time out there, even if my score reflects otherwise, I’m enjoying my time.

Bobby: Now people are going to see you out at tournaments, and you’re going to smile, and they’re going to be like-

Eric: He’s so fake.

Bobby: Fake, or was it real?

Robert: At this point, it’s gotten to the point where I truly do enjoy that. Now I know, like, man, it’s not worth getting really upset about a bad break or whatever. I just kind of laugh it off. I wouldn’t stand there at golf, I get a lot more frustrated at golf, because I think it’s kind of a more frustrating sport. But yeah, now when I go out and play, I really try to just keep good spirits on the course, even if I’m playing really poorly.

Bobby: Our next one comes from Zoo Town Noob.

Robert: Noob.

Eric: Zoo.

Robert: Like Montana Zoo Town?

Questions: Hey guys, I’m a rec player who joined my local club this year. I’ve been struggling to putt since I started playing regularly kind of in the last nine months. I was using an AVR for a while, but I really felt comfortable with it, probably, because my hands are pretty small. I’ve always struggled to hit anything outside of 20 feet, but last week, I got a new putter. A Cast Plast Reco, and it seems to have instantly changed my putting game.

Questions: It’s got a shallow rim, and a flat top, and it just feels better in my hands. So I played a tournament on Saturday, and my club league on Sunday. On Sunday I shot a 929 rated round, which was a personal best by like 50 points. So without changing much about my putting, other than the disc, I just felt a lot more confident, and even my drives and mids were going better. Have you guys ever had a moment like that in your career, where just one little adjustment or a new disc increased your confidence and all of a sudden you started playing better? Love the pod, just started listening a while ago. Keep it up. Thanks guys.

Eric: Oh yeah, absolutely. I think this happens to everybody. I’m assuming, like most people, for me, when I picked up a new disc and threw it, and majority of the time, if I go out and I’m throwing a new disc around to add to the bag, it’s throwing casual rounds.

Robert: Yeah.

Eric: The result doesn’t matter of where that disc goes.

Robert: Yeah, because you’re just noting it.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah. So naturally, I’m going to throw it better. It’s kind of like, it doesn’t matter. Who cares where it goes? So I think that adds a lot to it. It just kind of rolls over with confidence. So it makes you a little bit more confident in knowing how that disc flew when it didn’t matter. But you know, so rolling through. I can’t think of any discs off the top of my head that I’ve added to the bag that added confidence. But it absolutely does. It absolutely would. Not just discs in general, but it’s throwing a different line on a whole, or, you know, anything like that. Anything that you can do, that you see positivity come from, is naturally going tom make you more confident, which in the end results helps you play better. So whatever makes you more confident, do it.

Robert: Totally. That’s … I’m in 100% agreement with you. I think it’s more than just trying a new putter that gets you to that. Yeah, it may be a new disc, it may be doing something different. But for me, when I’m putting well, I’m playing well. That’s all there is to it.

Eric: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Robert: Putting is so much a mind game, it’s so much a confidence thing that … I’ll go back to King of the Canyons that Anthony and I went up to. I didn’t throw the disc particularly well. I threw it okay. But I made putts from everywhere. That just made it feel like I don’t … it’s kind of like just taking the pressure off your shoulders. I don’t have to throw a great shot if I’m just going to make this from wherever it lands.

Eric: Exactly. Unless you’re playing with Danny.

Robert: Yeah. Dang. But yeah. I mean, I think there is something to that. But, as far as new discs go, and discs that kind of changed my confidence, I’d say some of our new releases from these last couple of years have really done that for me. I can think of three last year that I thought, now that I have these discs, my game is a lot more complete. Actually, four from last year, that I still bag three of them right now. The Maverick is one of those. I love that slow turn, good, slow, fairway speed. The Explorer is a huge one of those. I throw the crap out of the Explorer.

Eric: Same.

Robert: Then the Getaway, it’s just something that I haven’t had a disc like that before, you know, that kind of nine-ish speed, that you can throw hard, and it goes straight. You don’t have to worry about it turning a whole lot or fading a whole lot. Then last year, the Ballista Pro. That added distance to my game instantly.

Robert: So I felt really confident with a bag that I had last year. Then the one change from that this year is now I have Raiders in the spot of almost all of my Ballista Pros. It’s a little bit more comfortable in my hand, and that just … Like we talked about before, I don’t throw the farthest. I’m okay. But when I get out with the elite top guys, I mean, they’re out driving me almost every time. But having a disk like the Raider where I don’t feel like I have to work so hard at throwing it, and it feels comfortable in my hand, it just gives me a lot more confidence that even if I end up 40 feet short, a lot of times, it’s in a spot where I want it to be, because I felt good about what I was doing with it.

Eric: Well, it’s a little more stable, too, I feel.

Robert: Yeah. You don’t have to play the angle quite so much with it.

Eric: Yeah. So more predictable out of the hand. I think that goes a long way, to be honest with you. I love all of those discs you just named. I don’t currently bag a Maverick.

Robert: Right.

Eric: The Getaway and Explorer kind of go in and out, between those two.

Robert: Sure.

Eric: But everything else, yeah. I agree with.

Robert: For me, for the Raider, it’s well documented that on a good day, I throw a little over four-

Eric: 250.

Robert: Yeah. That’s right. A little over four-

Bobby: [inaudible 00:45:25] Sports document it?

Robert: Yeah, that’s right.

Eric: NBC Sports.

Bobby: Ah, I’m sorry.

Robert: A little over four, sometimes a hair more than that. There is a whole at King oF the Canyons that was 470. I was about five feet shy of pen high with a Raider. I just don’t really throw that far. I just felt confident with that disc, and that’s something that I’m letting carry me.

Eric: It’s good, it’s great. Everyone get one.

Bobby: All right. A question …

Eric: Or 10, and Emacs.

Bobby: I wanted to talk real quick before we answer a few more questions, Skip Ace. We neglected to put our picks in for two tournaments. That means everybody is eligible. Yay.

Robert: Did we win?

Bobby: No. Everybody is eligible.

Eric: We didn’t even pick.

Bobby: So I’m going to go on San Francisco Open, I’m going to go ahead. There was one lone person that was number one, at 1,144 points. They had picked Eagle, Avery, Austin, and Anthony Berella.

Robert: Anthony was the big pick there. That was a good week for him.

Eric: Yeah, that was a good week.

Bobby: Then they picked Paige Pierce and Madison Walker, which gave them some big points. So LARB, L-A-R-B, if that is your username, you need to take a screenshot of you being logged into Skip Ace Fantasy Disc Golf and send that as an email attached to Bobby@Dynamicdiscs.com, B-O-B-B-Y. As always, part of winning is meaning you have to listen to the show. So hopefully you hear that. The next one we’re going to pick-

Robert: What does Larb stand for? Or is it just part of a name?

Bobby: It just says all caps, LARB.

Robert: Huh. It sounds like live action role playing, but live action role broing or bowling, I don’t know.

Eric: Live action …

Robert: That’s it.

Eric: Bowling. I’m trying to think of someone doing live action bowling.

Robert: It’s live, man.

Bobby: The next one is the Santa Cruz cup.

Robert: Masters.

Bobby: Master Cup. Santa Cruz Masters Cup.

Eric: Person who got last place?

Bobby: No, I was going to have you guys pick numbers-

Eric: Seven.

Bobby: Like the person that won this, the top person got 1,191. So Eric, you pick a number between one and six.

Eric: Ugh, I said seven.

Bobby: I know.

Eric: Four.

Bobby: Four? Robert, you pick a number between-

Eric: One and one.

Bobby: 151 and 200.

Robert: 157.

Bobby: 157. Bob Zhang.

Eric: What’s up Bob.

Bobby: Let me write this down on my notes, so I don’t forget. So LARB and Bob Zhang. You are the winners. I will send you one of my discs I have in my little goodie stash from when we do video reviews. Again, Bob, take a screenshot of you being logged in, so I know it’s you. Send it to Bobby, B-O-B-B-Y, @Dynamicdiscs.com.

Robert: Nice.

Bobby: Good on you Bob Zhang.

Robert: Both of the guys that did the best on Masters Cup picked both Eric Oakley and Thomas Gilbert. So good on you guys. Oakley had a great last round. Shot hot round of the day to move up, I think, like 18 spots or something into fifth, or 13. Something really good. Then Thomas Gilbert, Thomas I met two GBOs ago. He stayed at my house with AJ. Just one of the most polite guys out there. Absolutely an elite distance thrower. He won the Goat Hill AT earlier this year. He’s killing it.

Bobby: It’s Johnny V still online with us?

Robert: Johnathan V, are you still here?

Bobby: Because I don’t see Portland Open on here. Is Portland Open next week? Or this weekend coming up?

Robert: It’s this coming weekend, yeah.

Eric: Is it?

Robert: Yeah. It’s this weekend.

Bobby: That’s what I saw, yeah.

Robert: Mm-hmm (affirmative). I asked Oakley about it earlier.

Bobby: For some reason I don’t see it as a choice to put our picks in.

Robert: Maybe he decided that it’s not good enough for his-

Bobby: Maybe he thought since we didn’t do it for two weeks, it’s just not worth doing?

Eric: He gave up on it.

Robert: Pretty much. That’s probably what it was.

Eric: I’m sure that’s what it was.

Bobby: So maybe he’ll answer here in a second.

Robert: Just quit it for everybody.

Bobby: Let’s see, all right, so we got one Speed Pipe question. Let’s go with Penzami.

Robert: [inaudible 00:49:38].

Questions: Hello Disc Golf Answer Man. Bobby, more daddy jokes, please. Eric, not all-

Bobby: Jokes.

Robert: Yeah, more daddy jokes, please.

Bobby: I thought he said chokes.

Eric: Yeah, me too.

Bobby: Choke please. I was like, oh my god.

Eric: More daddy chokes. That’s what I heard.

Bobby: Okay, here we go.

Questions: Wear capes-

Bobby: Wait, let’s go back.

Questions: Eric, not all heroes wear capes. Robert, call me maybe. Of course, the dynamic duo, Vandal, Anthony Vandanhugel and Daniel Indal.

Eric: Team Vandal.

Bobby: So that was pretty clever, the Vandal name. I thought that was pretty clever. So anyways, his question, if he had a question.

Questions: This Spaniel is from Finland, and today I have a couple of questions for you guys. First up is are we going to get Loosed X Suspects? I would absolutely love to have one. If we are, when they are coming out?

Bobby: Any word on Loosed X Suspects?

Eric: Not to my knowledge.

Robert: Not as of now. Maybe next year?

Eric: Is that the we are always working on something?

Robert: Yeah. I would say you’re probably not going to see them in 2019.

Eric: Always working on something.

Robert: Yeah.

Eric: 2019. Probably not going to see them in 2019.

Robert: Correct. I think maybe in 2020.

Eric: So we’re not always working on something.

Robert: Yeah. In this case, we’re not really-

Bobby: Well, I mean, you’re working right now, just not-

Robert: In this case we’re not really working on it. But we are working on something else.

Bobby: Something, right, right, right.

Robert: So yeah. Anyway.

Questions: My second question is about backpacks. I know we got Ranger, Ranger H20. But when are we going to get a new kind of pro bag? Not the beginner ones, but the pro ones. Thanks.

Eric: I don’t know that we’re working on-

Robert: I like our bags.

Bobby: Right.

Eric: Ranger is such a good-

Bobby: I mean, if you look at first Ranger, version one, all the way to what we have now, we’ve done tweaks, and improvement and stuff like that based on feedback, and based on learning about people using backpack bags. But I don’t know that there is going to be a major overhaul on ranger bags. Not any time soon, because they sell really well.

Eric: They’re good bags.

Bobby: I mean, it does feel like we’ve been putting out a lot of the more value bags. But that seems to be a trend. People aren’t … Some people just need an option when they’re not ready to spend … Or not ready to put that much of an investment into-

Eric: Well, it’s their first bag, too.

Bobby: Right, that’s what I’m saying. They’re not ready to invest.

Eric: It’s a $30 bag or whatever it is. That’s what they’re going to gravitate toward, instead of a $200 bag.

Robert: They don’t even have enough discs to fill half of that, to start off.

Eric: Once they get serious, and they want to become a champion, then they’ll get a Ranger bag. Oh, I mean … I’m teasing.

Robert: We have been talking about some new color options for those.

Eric: Yes. Clear.

Bobby: Ice.

Robert: We’re going with an ice clear Ranger.

Bobby: It’s going to be like-

Robert: It’s very expensive.

Eric: You guys ever know somebody that works at Dillard’s? They give them a clear purse.

Robert: Oh. So you can’t steal anything.

Eric: So you can’t steal stuff. When you said that, it made me think of that, of a clear Ranger bag.

Robert: Dude, that would be hilarious.

Bobby: Really?

Eric: Really what?

Bobby: They do that?

Eric: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bobby: At Dillard’s? They force their employees to use clear purses?

Eric: Yeah, you can’t bring a regular purse in. You have to have a clear purse, to bring into Dillard’s, and to go to the break room and stuff like that.

Bobby: THat’s crazy.

Eric: I know.

Robert: They did at … When I worked at Sears they did that too. Yeah.

Eric: They made you carry a clear purse?

Robert: They made me carry a clear purse.

Bobby: You beat me to it.

Robert: For all of my belongings. No, just like if some of the female employees or people who needed to carry things into the store needed to do so-

Eric: Like a satchel.

Robert: Yeah.

Eric: Nice.

Robert: I did not use one, because I didn’t have any extra stuff.

Bobby: A man bag.

Eric: You can still put stuff in your pockets.

Robert: I’m not opposed to a man bag, as evidenced by the satchel that’s behind the camera.

Bobby: I used to have a green one. When that was a thing for a while.

Eric: Messenger bag?

Bobby: It was a messenger bag.

Robert: Like an olive one?

Bobby: Like an olive green one. But it wasn’t leather, it was like a canvas, almost.

Robert: Dude, I like messenger bags, man.

Bobby: It was pretty cool.

Eric: Nice.

Bobby: That was back when laptops were still big …

Robert: Like computers?

Bobby: Honking things.

Robert: Had I a reason to carry mine around quite a bit more, and it wasn’t for disc golf trips, where I’d just stick it in my Ranger, I would use that all the time.

Bobby: Yeah.

Eric: I use my backpack.

Bobby: All right, let’s get a few more questions in before we wrap this show up. Damon asks about discs. “I am recently …”

Eric: How do you spell that?

Bobby: “I was recently practicing putting, and included my two West Side Harps into the stack to get more repetitions in. I really enjoyed putting with these discs over my standard putters, which ware P2s, because they felt better in my hand. My question is is there anything wrong with putting with a speed four disc or could you suggest a more traditional putting putter that feels similar and maybe less over stable?”

Eric: Suspect. As far as feel goes. It’s a little less over stable.

Robert: Right.

Eric: It’s not really …

Bobby: Is a Harp a putt approach?

Robert: It is. It says speed four, but let’s get real for a second. The rim on a Harp is very similar to all of the three speed widths. I mean, I don’t think … Just because it says speed four on there doesn’t meant you couldn’t or shouldn’t-

Eric: No. We used the speedometer on it, and it said four. So-

Robert: Aw man. Okay, that’s why we put that on there. I think if a disc works for you, use that disc.

Eric: Yeah.

Robert: Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter-

Bobby: Does the … The Harp uses plastic, right?

Robert: Oh yeah. In a lot of ways.

Eric: It comes in a majority of the base plastics.

Robert: But if you’re looking for something that has similar feel, but not as over stable, gosh, you’re not going to find much that’s kind of pretty squared on the edge like a Harp, that is more under stable. The only thing I can think is like a Crown is less over stable than Harp.

Eric: I was thinking a Pure, too, would be-

Robert: Yeah, I mean-

Eric: It’s a little more round. That’s why I said Suspect, because it is more of a square edge. It may be more difficult finding a suspect in base plastic.

Robert: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Eric: But …

Robert: Yep.

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