Ep 268 Disc Golf Answer Man

June 5, 2019

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Questions covered in this episode include:

Have you ever played Glow Disc Golf? I have been investing in the gear slowly because  I work 30 hours a week in addition to finishing my master’s degree. The idea of being able to play at night seems like fun? Would love to hear your experiences?

Hello dgam fam! Rodney from MI here with a question about recovery between rounds. I’ll be playing in my first 3 round A-tier this June (CCR Open) and would like to know what your Saturday nights look like? Does it depend on how Saturday went? Last time I played a 2 round tourney and then played with friends Sunday, I barely finished the round. Appreciate all you guys do!

Where should I be training my eye to look when driving or other “distance” throws? (Everything except putting) Should I be looking where I want the disc to go, at the disc, or somewhere totally different?

Hello DGAM, I have some ace run events coming up where you get points for aces and metal hits from 100ft. What discs and nose angles would you use? For example a putter hyzer nose up? Driver low straight nose down? Thanks all!

I was playing a tournament a few months back (woohoo for Florida weather!). We came up to a hole that didn’t have any OB listed. However, there was a bridge/dock getting worked on that had caution tape and it said “Do Not Enter. Under Construction”. Is that considered OB because those are the park’s rules, or is it considered to be safe, since it was never listed in the OB rules or the players meeting? Thanks for all you do!

I was watching the Jomez coverage from Nick Hyde. While watching the final round for the FPO, I noticed something that was interesting so I thought I would ask your thoughts. On Hole 7 Catrina Allen went to tap out her putt from about 5-6 feet. She obviously made her easy tap in, but she had her hand on her umbrella while it was touching the ground (like a cane). She obviously didn’t need it for balance, but it looked like she could have used it for balance. Is that allowed? Thanks gents!

Will we see the Anvil in the BT plastics soon/ever? I feel like a BT Anvil would be a great approach disc that grabs the ground better than the premium plastics while also beating in straighter sooner.

If a disc hits a tree branch and breaks into two perfect halves, which half you do play from?

Hello DGAM Crew, I have a question for upshots. While laying up short is sometimes preferable, I am having a lot of trouble landing upshots 10-15ft passed the basket. I feel like I have some good chances to safely run upshots but can’t seem to seize the opportunity and end up short. Do you have any tips for giving upshots a chance to go in? Also, Go Bobby! Beat Tony!

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