EP 269 Disc Golf Answer Man

June 12, 2019

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Questions from this episode:


I am having trouble establishing a putting routine and sticking to it. You guys have emphasized the importance of having a routine, but I am finding it difficult to implement, especially in tournaments. My question is – how do you guys line up your putt and get dialed in before you putt? Please describe what you do physically and mentally during your routine. Thanks!


I have noticed that on certain molds, there is excess plastic on the bottom edge of the disc (where the bead is). For example, I’ve seen this on the Suspect and EMac. This excess plastic can be sharp and sometimes will cut or scrape my hand when throwing. I used sandpaper to remove it on two of my EMacs, but I feel like it changed how the disc felt and flew. Are you guys aware of this? Does it bother you? And how do you suggest removing the excess plastic? Thank you!


DD Raider vs WS Sorcerer. I love my Sorcerer, especially for forehand. Should I be trying the Raider? Is the flight any different? Keep up the awesome work! P.S. Your live sessions start at 2am mid week for Australians ?


When practicing. Do you prefer to practice with other people, like other pros to see what shots they take, or do you like to go out and practice by yourself to learn new shots and fix form and stuff like that?

Chris “parked by the wrong basket” Szarek

Bobby C.S.B.B

Robert “Empirical Evidence” McCall

Eric “I have created the greatest disc ever” McCabe

There is a school property that is combination of middle and high school with a good amount of property around it, mostly grass with some woods.  I would love to bring the idea up of putting in a course. I would like to approach the superintendent, what answers/talking points should I have ready for said conversation?  I know price would be brought up, is there a safe range to quote?

US Amateur Match Play Singles Brackets.

53 players qualified to come to Emporia, Kansas for the Championships on June 20-23

To apply to run a doubles brackets starts June 14th and goes through August 1st

Local qualifying brackets run July-August and the Championships are Sept 27-29


Bobby, Robbie, and I go play the Country Club. (Its a sanctioned round.)  We end the round with Bobby and I tied at -11, Robert a -10. Bobby and I decide to play Hole 16 as a tie breaker.  I try to go Simons route with a big hyzer and throw about 100 feet straight up in the air and it goes into the water.  Bobby laces a perfect shot and parks the hole. I throw from the drop zone and get a 5 due to bad putting. Do I get third place now with a -9? As well, can course records be set in playoffs?

Ken nm

A while back I found a super beat in Mercy with no name/number. I tried it for putting and has turned into my main putter. Guess that makes me team Mercy? Anywho, I’ve tried a brand new mercy but doesn’t fly anything like the super beat in one I have. Just curious if y’all have any ideas about what would fly like a super beat in Mercy right out of the box. Thanks for all you do. Keep on keeping on!

PS: I really like throwing the warden.

Just a follow up about the question I asked about the mercy. I should add that it a Zero Soft. Don’t know if that affects your answer or not. Thanks.

Ove Nortun

Hello dgamfam, I got a question about mandatory and ob rules. The situation was on my local course, where a buddy threw from a tee which is inbounds, he threw the disc over the ob, passed the mando while the disc was inbounds, then came to rest ob again at the end of the flight. Missed mando = dropzone, and ob plays as normal ob. What penalty counts? Where does he throw from? On the flipside, if he crosses the mando while ob, and came to rest inbounds, what then?


Do you like for the big tournaments the idea of policing yourself or would you prefer “refs” to call more for foot faults/ ob (though there are some ob judges) etc. Love the show.

Pete Miller

Hey Bobby Warm Mommy Gritty Gust, Eric “Honestly” McCabe, and Robert “every answer is warden” McCall.

I try to throw mostly flat shots but was told by a local pro that I should be throwing everything with a little hyzer. Is this true?

After watching some DD vids I notice most straight shots are thrown with a little hyzer. Thanks for all your advice and love the after after show show.


I really like the Buzzz OS from Discraft. I use it for forehand approaches.  What overstable midrange should I try out from the Trilogy family? Verdict or Bard?

Another question,  I love overstable discs obviously. What putter will be more overstable (or handle more power) for a throwing putter marshal or judge?  As well, should I assume the lucid plastic for overstabilityness?


Hey guys, big fan of the podcast, I’ve been playing on and off for 3 years but have been getting more and more into discs over the last year, I started off as more of a forehand dominant player, over the last 6-8 months I’ve been working on an accurate consistent backhand but am struggling, any tips on someone trying to learn the backhand?  Thanks, think positive shoot negative

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