Ep 271 Disc Golf Answer Man

June 26, 2019

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What would you think about the PDGA setting requiring players to play in a certain division based on their rating? At my local A-tier, the highest rated Intermediate player is only rated 2 points lower than the highest rated Advanced player. Would a role like this make the decisions fairer and more competitive?


In a recent tournament, my disc came to rest at the bottom of a crevice where a large rock had split. I tried to reach down the crevice to retrieve my disc, but I could not reach it. I marked my lie behind the split in the rock above where my disc was resting in the crevice without penalty. My cardmates agreed. Since I could see my disc, but could not retrieve it, was this played correctly? Should there have been a penalty stroke added? How should this have been handled?   


What is the difference between a flat top disc and a disc with a slight dome of the same mold?


I putt with an electron soft Envy but want to Switch to a Dynamic putter. What would be similar to the feel in the hand? 


If you are strapped for time before a tournament and had to choose between putting warm up and throwing warm-up which one would you choose And why?


I was playing a casual round by myself a day after some rain, so everything was still a little slick. I was throwing RHFH approach shot, and the instant that my hand went from moving backward to moving forward, the inertia of the disc coupled with its wetness overcame my soft approach grip and slipped out. The disc landed maybe 3 feet closer to the basket, but it was about 20 feet to the right of where I had been standing. How should this be scored? Does it count as a stroke since it was closer?

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