Ep 278 Disc Golf Answer Man

August 28, 2019

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In this episode, we answer questions about continuing to improve your game, timing and pull-through, getting your putt on a flat line, and much more. We also have a big surprise for you taco lovers in the Emporia area.

Some of the questions asked on the show.


I have been playing for 2 years now, and have been improving steadily. This year I moved up to advanced to continue playing with better players (that follow the rules). Since moving up I have continued to improve until GBO. During GBO I apparently forgot how to throw a disc, and have had to work for 2 months to get my drives back. However, I still can’t putt. No matter how much I practice, I just can’t seem to fix whatever is wrong. Any suggestions on getting past this?

Been playing almost 2 years and my form is ok. Backhand peaks around 400 and I’m looking to get some extra distance. I’ve been working perfecting my timing and pull through but it seems much harder to get those changes to stick long term than it did when I first started. How do you guys engrain form changes from field work so they become natural on the course? Keep me from falling back into old habits. Keep doing what your doing. #teampure #raidernation


Some players spin, flick or flip the disc in their hands as part of their pre-putting routine like Paige Pierce flicking the disc above her head or Nate Sexton spinning the disc between his hands. If a player steps up to their lie and accidentally drops their disc during their routine does that count as a stroke? What if it falls closer to the basket then where their mini is? I’m working on my own putting routine and don’t want to establish a habit that risks an added stroke. Thanks guys!


How do I place my putt on a flat line? I can’t seem to get away from the hyzer putt if I’m more than 10 feet out.

Canada Chad

Hey DGAM crew. I’ve been throwing DD long enough that I have have hand dyed discs from other manufacturers. I saw one of these in my collection a few days ago and it got me thinking of how much I miss that look sometimes. HukLab still does full dye jobs for their TRIFLY discs , do you think if there was an increased cost involved perhaps that DD would ever offer hand dyed discs again. Thanks for the great podcast.


Hey guys. I know the Raider, Guard, and Vandal (through Trilogy Challenge) were all recently released. I love all 3. Are there new discs currently in the making?

I use a control grip everytime I throw. I can throw between 400-425 consistently. Some of my friends said I should try a power grip for more distance. I have tried it a couple times and I griplock more with the power grip just because I don’t normally throw it. My question is, is the little bit of extra distance that I might get out of a power grip worth it?


How can I break the habit of having my pointer finger out on the rim of a disc when I am throwing/putting? Like resting along the bead if the disc has one. I have smaller hands and noticed the disc wobbles if I don’t use my pointer as a guide especially when putting. I just switched from Wardens to the Maiden to see if this helps since it is a shallower disc. (Sorry Robert) Love what ya do and keep it real. #bedynamic

Great Cornholeo

I recently started playing 3 weeks ago and have had to prove to others that I really did start so recently. I played 2 rounds recently at Seymour park in Omaha. On Udisc it says the course par is 64 and I shot a 66 and a 67 but one person had stated to me that all but 3 holes are par 3s and the others are 4s and the number to shoot for is 57 for par. My question is, how am I really doing as a rookie that just picked this up 3 weeks ago and never touched a disc before? Thanks and keep it real.


Question about a rule change: If a player is in the fairway, their lie is behind the disc unless they mark their lie with a mini, then it becomes the back of the mini (or the front of where the disc had landed). Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow players to touch/step on their disc without penalty and only call a foot fault if the player marked their lie with a mini and touches it, especially since it seems most pros aren’t looking or calling this type of foot fault anyway?


I recently played Intermediate in a B-Tier where the field was split into two pools, with MA2 being the top division of B Pool. I shot the hot score in the second round for a 960 rating and noticed that the hot score for round one was also 960-rated. Was there an artificial cap on the ratings because of our division, or would my round have been 970-rated if I’d just made one more putt?


I like to practice a lot (you may remember me, I submitted a question before). However living in Florida we get a lot of rain. If I want to practice but it’s raining so much, how do I practice when it’s raining?

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