Ep 279 Disc Golf Answer Man

September 4, 2019

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In this episode we discuss lighter weight discs, sandbaggers, and more.

Some questions from this episode:

When will the Raider come out in Lucid or any other plastic besides fuzion?

Hey yall my name is Owen Carlson. I grew up playing a lot of baseball, so unfortunately I have a left hand backhand, and a right hand forehand just because that is what felt right for me since it was like the swinging motion in baseball. Anyways, I have no shots really that go left. I am looking for any suggestions for a reliably understable midrange, and fairway that will turn over, but not turn and burn. Obviously from the trilogy lineup. Thanks for all you do. 

If someone throws a provisional, how do you determine the order on the tee for the next hole? 

What are your thoughts on carrying/using a machete for the sole purpose of searching for your ‘lost’ disc ? 

Hey DGAM Benicio from Idaho here. I been playing for a little over 2 months and love the sport! I can throw 250-300 feet consistently but trying to get better accuracy and distance. I’ve seen all the physics of flight and they have really helped my game. I noticed when I start my reach back as soon as my front foot plants I’m already turning my hips which creates a sling type motion. How do I get rid of this? I submitted a video to the fb page and Danny’s page. Thanks for all you do! #teamdeputy

I have a SuperSonic that weighs 119g. One person blatantly told me it wasn’t PDGA “legal” because it was less than 150g. I’m 99.9% positive this is totally false. Another friend just politely questioned whether is was “legal” at such a low weight. I know the mold is PDGA approved but, I’ve looked and looked in PDGA documents and can’t find anything mentioned about a disc being too light. I think about this way too much. Can you all finally put this to rest for me?

Hey DGAM fam and fans, I’m just wondering who we need to talk to about getting a release of lucid x sparkle felons?

The tee sign and caddy book marked the basket location that showed it as not visible from the tee and we played to that location. After playing a few shots we still couldn’t see the basket and asked a group that already played the hole. They indicated the basket was in a very different position, about 200ft short and 80-100ft right. Our card decided to re-tee. I understand how it was called a misplay. Are there any PDGA requirements for how well/accurate a course must be marked during a B-tier?

I was curious what your guys thoughts about sandbaggers and those that are proud to do it in AM3  events?

Hey guys, I recently bought a biofuzion Renegade because I heard they are being retired.  Can you suggest another trilogy disc that would be similar and is not being retired (not the Vandal cause it’s a little shorter for me)?  I only throw about 300 ft, and struggle with rims wider than 2.1cm. Also, biofuzion is my favorite plastic, so availability in this plastic would be even better.  Thanks for keeping it real!

Is it a foot fault on a drive if the throwers plant foot/toe crosses over the end of the teepad?  I know it’s illegal to step on your disc for upshots, is it not the same thing?

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