Ep 280 Disc Golf Answer Man

September 11, 2019

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Eric McCabe is back in studio to help answer your disc golf questions.

Questions on this episode.

Ignas (Iggi)
Hi, I’m Ignas from Lithuania. I have been playing discgolf for three months now. Can toss a driver sidearm 320 ft. , backhand the same but with less accuracy. My record sidearm about 400 ft. (I’m 6 foot tall 190 lbs. background in tennis and swimming.) I only throw from a standstill. Should I begin to practice footwork on my drives or is it too early?  I’m learning a thing at a time. Shoulder, elbow, wrist, timing ext. Thank you for the show, love it. 

Hey DGAM I have a question about putting. I tend to pop/twist over my wrist when i’m releasing my putter, I feel really confident putting inside the circle but when I go outside the circle I feel that I shank the putt. Any tips or suggestions?  and is it a bad thing to pop my wrist at the end of a putt? 

Hi guys! I’m searching for a long bomber disc for mediocre arm. I have fuzion escape (which I throw 80% of the tee) and fuzion trespass. Both are absolutely great discs for my armspeed. I can get some good distance with my trespass, but in quite straight line. So my question really is what disc would you guys think would be good for those wide open long shots? From any trilogy company. Thanks

Can you explain why it is more difficult to throw further forehand than backhand? I hear commentators say a 415 forehand drive is a “monster drive” but can not understand why. I am currently pushing my Raider out to 400-415 [real distance, not internet] but I cannot get it to go over 380 with a backhand drive. Thanks.

Eric D
I currently throw a VIP Northman 169g for distance drives when I’m not facing any wind or have a tailwind. I get it out to 360-375 max. What could I throw that might go longer when thrown in the same conditions? Or should I just keep working on form and technique until it goes farther and stop imagining that a new disc will help me throw farther? Thanks! 

Just Call Me Chad
Hello I’m currently in the process of switching over to trilogy discs and I need help with a midrange slot. I used to throw Comets, Axis’s, Vectors, and a Drone (from understable to overstable) i now have a Tursas, Claymore, (empty), and Bard (understable to overstable). I need a recommendation for that Vector slot, something stable/overstable. Maybe an Emac? Pain? Warship? Thanks in advance. Fyi I’m relatively new and max out at 280ft currently

So I was wanting to know what yall would suggest for disc for someone throwing between 300 and 330 

Chad C
I’m team Judge, however I have a couple Wardens that I like too but i prefer putting with the beaded Judge. Should i keep my Wardens for approaches only and putt with the judge? Or should I stick with Judges only so I dont throw off the muscle memory by switching back and forth between a beaded putter and non beaded?

Hey, DGAM fam, love the show and all you all do to grow the sport. I know in ball golf there’s a limit of clubs you can carry in tournament play (14). From what I understand there’s not a rule like this in disc golf, correct? What about getting a disc mid round? Say I’m using a few discs to warm up with before a tournament and realize on the 4th hole I left one at the practice area. Am I allowed to go retrieve it, or do I have to wait until the round is over to add it to my bag? Keep it real.

Hey guys, had a quick question about timing in your shot. I know that when your plant foot hits the ground you should also be simultaneously fully extended in your reach back.  What I am curious about is when should we be rotating on our plant foot. Is it simply a result of follow through? Or is it part of initializing the hip rotation to drive power from our legs? I also have a hard time rotating on my heel, I tend to do a little hop instead of a rotation and I’m not sure if that’s OK.

I recently purchased an eMac truth dyemax, with some artwork that my son sent me while in Afghanistan earlier this year. I had it put on his favorite mold to give to him as a present. He is an amazing artist and is really getting into disc golf lately. My question to you guys is: how are artists selected for disc artwork? Can art be submitted to DD to be looked at for use? Thank you for amazing products, education of the sport, and for all you do! Simper fi Bobby! Rangers lead the way!

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