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October 2, 2019

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Hi, I have a question about power grip. I tend to throw with most of my grip coming from my ring and pinky finger. Since this is the weaker two fingers i feel grip fatigue pretty regularly and I dont ever get the same snap that people who throw around my distance get. I’ve been stuck around the 470ish range for a couple years now and I am wondering if I modified my grip to use my index and middle fingers it would give me more distance and snap? Thanks

Concerned Houston DGer
Recently there was an Am player who was accused of purposely hitting and killing a rabbit during sanctioned league play.  His throw was a “practice” throw, and his intent was pretty clear, though he obviously denies it. A PDGA board member got involved and is uncertain if the PDGA could/should punish him outside of the “practice” stroke.  Should there be an addition to the rules to include purposely harming animals, and not just the “flora”?


Have any of you guys encountered “pencil whipping” in an pdga sanctioned round? My local tournament had one person that got caught by the entire card he was on changing scored and another was accused on another card. I had never encountered this before and was wondering what the repercussions should be for this. Thanks for any info you can give. Keep it super real.

Random Disc Golfer

I’ve noticed most of the disc golf courses I see that have short tees always drop the par. For example, Blue tee 530’ par 4 white tee 250’ par 3. Why not just make them shorter par 4s and not drop the par? And which way is better?


I play in the rec division in my tournament this weekend and shot a better score than majority of the intermediate guys from the same tee pads but there Round ratings were almost 100 points higher. Are scores based off of 10 points per stroke from  what is considered 1000 rated round and/or how does the division come into play?Thanks Guys!

Hey dgam fam Benicio from Idaho here. I’ve been playing for a about 4 months and love the sport. I can drive 250 to 300 feet consistently but have been told I’m rounding. I’ve watched all the physics of flight but was wondering what I can do to correct this and how can I get more distance on my drives while still being accurate. Thanks for all you do for the sport. Team deputy:)

If a throw passes a mando on the correct side but hits a tree, rolls backwards and curls back around the wrong side of the mando.  Do you take a penalty for missing the mando or not since the initial throw was good?

Thanks for everything you do.

How do you practice/learn to throw discs at less than 100% power? I’m specifically trying to improve my backhand putter upshots and struggling to get consistent distance control.

Jackup Brown
What going on cool daddy slick breeze, Eric “June update” McCabe and Robert “El Cabello” McCall. Just a quick opinion section, I have played a few tournaments in which there were sponsored players playing in the tournament as well. I am an intermediate level player, and when I say sponsored players I am not talking touring pros. Anyway, There were a few guys that were sponsored by a disc golf company and were playing in the “Recreational” field. Doesn’t seem right to me, what’s your opinion? K.I.R

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