Kona Montgomery In the Bag 2023 | What’s in her disc golf bag as she begins her busy DGPT schedule?

April 3, 2023

A new last name and colorway on her signature bag are two noticeable differences in the disc golfer formerly known as Kona Panis—but that’s not all.

The changes she made from within during the offseason have Kona ready to elevate her game in year two on Team Dynamic Discs.

So which molds give Kona all the confidence in the world to kick off a new season? Let the Supreme Team member and one of the game’s most recognizable stars show you herself.

Watch now.

00:00 Intro
00:21 Distance Drivers
03:01 Fairway Drivers
06:14 Midranges
07:48 Putt/Approach discs
10:08 Putting Putters
11:11 Outro

Take a Closer Look at Kona’s Discs:

Distance Drivers
Lucid Defender | Dynamic Discs
Fuzion Triple Burst Trespass | Dynamic Discs
Lucid-X Moonshine Trespass | Dynamic Discs
Royal Grand Grace | Latitude 64

Fairway Drivers
Lucid Maverick | Dynamic Discs
Fuzion Orbit Escape | Dynamic Discs
Supreme Escape | Dynamic Discs
Fuzion Burst Evader | Dynamic Discs
Fuzion Orbit Getawayl | Dynamic Discs
Raptor Eye Fuzion Felon | Dynamic Discs

Fuzion Burst Evidence | Dynamic Discs
Lucid Verdict | Latitude 64
Gold Line Compass | Latitude 64

Lucid Moonshine Emac Judge | Dynamic Discs
Prime Burst Deputy | Dynamic Discs
Classic Deputy (Putting) | Dynamic Discs
Classic Supreme Sockibomb Slammer | Dynamic Discs
Lucid Chameleon Justice | Dynamic Discs
Tournament DyeMax Harp | Westside Discs

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