Macie Velediaz In The Bag 2023 | What does Macie use for her bomb forehands on the DGPT?

May 16, 2023

Macie Velediaz took some time while prepping for the 2023 Jonesboro Open to show us what discs she’s relying on for her 2023 season on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. Macie’s known for her power both backhand and forehand so we were excited to learn what she’s using to execute on the world stage. You can find the same discs that Macie throws at https://dynamicdiscs.com!

Thanks to our friends, @AceRunProductions for filming!

Macie’s favorite discs:
Dynamic Discs Supreme Trespass: https://ddiscs.com/3Igxu9q
Dynamic Discs Sheriff: https://ddiscs.com/3o7Bi5W
Dynamic Discs Supreme Escape: https://ddiscs.com/455une8
Macie Velediaz Signature Justice: https://ddiscs.com/3W7ThFU

0:00 Intro
0:31 Distance Drivers
3:17 Fairway Drivers
6:42 Midranges
9:28 Putters/Approach Discs

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Macie Velediaz In The Bag 2023 | What does Macie use for her bomb forehands on the DGPT? was originally published here

More at DynamicDisc.com and Dynamic Disc on Youtube


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