Mason Ford In the Bag 2022

July 5, 2022

Six months into the season, Mason Ford’s bag has definitely evolved—but that’s par for the course when building a bag with a new sponsor. So what will one of disc golf’s smoothest throwers carry in his bag during the remainder of his first season on Team Dynamic Discs? Find out now.

9:59 Putters
7:38 Midranges
3:04 Fairways
0:00 Distance
12:54 Outro

Mason’s 2022 bag contains the following discs:

Classic Blend Warden
Classic Agent
Lucid Moonshine EMAC Judge
BT Medium Harp
Tournament Harp

Lucid Truth
Fuzion Verdict
Lucid-X Moonshine Justice

Fuzion-X Maverick
Lucid Evader
Opto-X Explorer
Opto Explorer
Lucid Vandal
Fuzion Getaway
Fuzion Burst Getaway
Lucid Getaway
Lucid Felon

Hybrid Raider
Royal Grand Rive
2x BioFuzion Defender
Lucid Enforcer
Fuzion Enforcer
Lucid Chameleon Enforcer

Follow Mason on social: https://www.instagram.com/mason.ford72844/

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