Press Conference || 2023 USDGC and TPWDGC

October 4, 2023

Hear from players and event organizers ahead of the 2023 USDGC and TPWDGC!

All times local (ET)
1:00pm – Jonathan Poole
1:10pm – Catrina Allen
1:20pm – Gannon Buhr
1:30pm – Kristin Tattar
1:40pm – Niklas Antilla
1:50pm – Hailey King
2:00pm – Calvin Heimburg
2:10pm – Ohn Scoggins
2:20pm – Ricky Wysocki
2:30pm – Missy Gannon
2:40pm – Isaac Robinson
2:50pm – Hayden Henry

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