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With the news of the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s majority ownership moving from Steve Dodge to Todd Rainwater, and Jeff Spring taking over Tour Director and CEO roles for the new organization, Ultiworld Disc Golf reached out to top touring professionals to see what they thought about the upcoming changes in management.

Paul McBeth:

“Organization and quality of events [could improve]. I can see some drastic changes to the event schedule that will take quality over quantity. Hopefully this means a better tour schedule for touring and non-touring players alike. If not I just hope they’re spread out better and not bunched up kind of how we are right now.”

Ricky Wysocki:

“I think it’s a great thing! Jeff is such a good person for the job I think he is a great communicator with the public, the players and all other TDs. He also relates really well with everyone. I’m really excited to see where he can take this tour!!”

Sarah Hokom:

“I think it’s great! Steve laid the groundwork of a successful tour and Todd and his team have the potential to elevate it even further. I’m stoked to see how things shake out in the coming years.”

Chris Dickerson:

“As long as there isn’t any drastic change I’m fine with it. I’d be even more on board if they made more southeast Pro Tour events.”

chris dickerson
Chris Dickerson at the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen – DGPT

Jeremy Koling:

“Todd Rainwater’s father Richard Rainwater was a highly successful investor and philanthropist. A large part of his success was attributed to the idea that he knew that was never the smartest guy in the room, just the best recruiter. That idea was passed down to Todd and can be seen in everything he does. He surrounds himself with the best talent available and I have no doubt that he’ll continue doing the same as the majority owner of the DGPT. In fact, that is already evident as he has hired Jeff Spring to run the show. Jeff has run several of the most successful tour events over the past several years including the GMC, the Portland Open and the big show – The World Championships. It’s an understatement to say that I’m very excited to see the direction they lead the future of the DGPT.”

Courtney “Pixie” Cannon:

“DGPT is amazing for us out here on the road. My guy, Trevor Harbolt talked to Steve [Dodge] and said he was happy with the arrangement. That makes me happy. My interactions with Jeff Spring have been great. Beyond that, I don’t have enough information to know exactly how I feel.”

Gregg Barsby:

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