Ricky Wysocki In The Bag 2022 | New Sockibomb Slammer

May 6, 2022

After some first flight tests during Las Vegas Challenge and Waco, Ricky finally had a bag built to give his first Elite Series event win this year at Texas State Disc Golf Championships.

You can find this in Ricky Wysocki’s Bag for 2022 + the new Sockibomb Slammer, his go-to approach disc During the Dynamic Discs Open.

0:00 Putters
5:23 Midranges
8:03 Fairway Drivers
11:30 Distance Drivers

Putters: 11 discs, 4 molds
2x Sense Dagger
1x Zero Medium Dagger
4x BT Hard Harp
1x VIP-X Moonshine Harp
1x BT Medium Harp
1x Lucid Judge
1x BT Hard Shield

Mids: 5 discs, 3 molds
2x Lucid Verdict
1x Gold Compass
2x Lucid Justice

Fairways: 7 discs, 2 molds
1x Lucid-X Chameleon Felon
3x Fuzion Orbit Felon
3x Lucid Evader

Distance: 12 discs, 5 molds
1x VIP-X Glimmer Giant
1x Tournament-X Adder
4x Lucid Chameleon Enforcer
2x Fuzion Enforcer
1x Lucid Moonshine Enforcer
1x Lucid Raider
2x Grand Rive

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