USDGC | Round 3, Back 9 | Wysocki, Anttila, Monn, Williams | MPO LEAD

November 9, 2022

Watch Round 3 coverage of the 2022 United States Disc Golf Championship!

Winthrop Arena

Ricky Wysocki
Niklas Anttila
Jake Monn
Bradley Williams

Nate Sexton
Brian Earhart

Full live broadcasts of this event are available at discgolfnetwork.com. Shot-by-shot coverage is being made available 30 days after the end of the USDGC per DGN’s agreement with U.S. Disc Golf. Read more about it here: https://usdgc.com/news/how-to-watch-the-2022-united-states-disc-golf-championship-throw-pink-womens-championship/

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