Valerie Mandujano In the Bag 2022

June 2, 2022

It takes much work to build a new bag with a new sponsor. But Valerie Mandujano is no stranger to working hard to elevate her game. So what discs will one of disc golf’s rising FPO stars carry in her bag during her inaugural season on Team Dynamic Discs? Find out now.

0:00 Putters
1:51 Midranges
3:24 Fairways
6:19 Distance
8:20 Outro

Valerie’s 2022 bag contains the following discs:

Classic Burst Judge
Tattar 2021 Gold-X Pure
Risley 2021 Hybrid Moonshine Warden
BT Hard Harp
VIP-X Glimmer Harp

VIP Anvil
Lucid Verdict
Hybrid EMAC Truth
JohnE 2021 Gold-X Fuse

Special Edition Maverick
Lucid Maverick
Fuzion Vandal
Lucid Evader
Chameleon Explorer
Lucid Getaway
Fuzion Getaway
Lucid Criminal

Triple Burst Fuzion Trespass
Royal Grand Grace
Lucid Sheriff
Royal Grand Rive
Opto Glimmer Ballista Pro
Lucid Chameleon Enforcer

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See the entire Valerie collection: https://ddiscs.com/ValerieCollection
See Valerie’s Waco Champion DyeMax Disc: https://ddiscs.com/WacoChampionITB

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