Ep 270 Disc Golf Answer Man

June 19, 2019

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Questions for this episode include:


Do you think it is possible to carry too many discs? I imagine at some point there is a lot of overlap or there are too many options per shot.


To pump or not to pump…that is the question. I used to do a slight “pump” of the disc before my reach-back (a la Nate Doss or Paul McBeth), but I decided to drop that from my swing. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the “pump”.  Seems like the benefit is it will help with timing, but the drawback is that it adds more room for error/inconsistency. Thanks for your time!


Hey DGAM Fam, I play LHBH but I’m not that good. Do you think it would be advantageous to switch to RHBH since it seems a lot of holes/courses are more righty friendly? Thanks a bunch

John Wick

Hey Disc Golf Answer Men, just watched central coast st paddy’s day classic. In it Josh Anthon was a foot from an OB road and was wondering if he could take relief and throw from OB. Cardmates said no, commentators weren’t sure. What is the ruling?

Have you struggled with don’t miss thoughts?


Hey guys, I loved your video about creating a beginner bag of 8-9 discs. As a follow up, do you have any recommendations for plastic type and weight for these discs? Thanks!


Hey DGAM crew. I played a non-sanctioned tourney with some friends of mine. Overall it was about having a good time but I really wanted to play well. Because of that I played practice round at the course. I felt good about my shots and disc selection. Day of the tournament comes and its much windier. Suddenly my predictable EMAC Truth was a flippy mess (still love it). I was completely in my own head. How do you guys adjust (mentally and discally) when suddenly your gameplan goes out the window?

GBO Player

Why is the ob the way it is at the gbo courses? Everything about the week is a 10/10 but the actually tournament play is a 6/10 with how awful the ob lines are. It makes play much more unenjoyable. A lot of the lines have no safety hazards or it’s another 10-15 ft from the water line. it’s almost not even fun to play as an am, when you either have a great shot taken away by an ob line 15 ft away from the water or just forced to play safe the whole round.


What’s up Bobby and the DG Boys! Had a question regarding rules in a marksman league. I played in (and won) the Winston NC league this year and had so much fun. (Even had a hot 72point round). There was one week in particular that we noticed someone pencil whipping their scorecard. I called him on it and he changed his score before turning in his card. What’s your protocol on this? He had been doing pretty well the other weeks so it made me question all of his former scores. Keep it real! Peace

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